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Those Final Hours 04.08.2007
She who laughs first, laughs last... 11.07.2007
On the Road Again 10.07.2007
A Day in the Life 09.07.2007
Hola de Protestas 04.07.2007
DONE the Incan Trail 03.07.2007
Cusco 25.06.2007
Now in Cusco 23.06.2007
Harrassment, Moccachinos, and the Witches Market 21.06.2007
"Been riding through the desert on a horse with no name..." 20.06.2007
Luces, Camara, Action! 19.06.2007
Gone Fishing 18.06.2007
Cabo Blanco, Peru 18.06.2007
Next Stop: Peru 13.06.2007
I Heart Surfing 13.06.2007
Sunday in Baños 10.06.2007
The Downside of Travelling 09.06.2007
Lament to the Intestine 05.06.2007
Gainfully Employed in Ecuador 27.05.2007
Global Warming is Caused by my Thighs 26.05.2007
The good, the Bad, and the Terribly Painful 26.05.2007
Heading for the Coast 21.05.2007
The Day of Departure 18.05.2007
Gittin´er done in Quito 17.05.2007
Life in the Amazon 09.05.2007
Leaving Puyo 07.05.2007
Sick in Puyo 04.05.2007
Leaving Banos via bike, hike, raft and canoe 01.05.2007
Climbing Volcan Guagua Pinchincha 29.04.2007
Exploring the Indigenous Market in Otavalo 28.04.2007
Napping on the Equator 26.04.2007
First day in Quito 25.04.2007
Almost on my way 23.04.2007
First Day in Whistler 18.04.2007
Picture Testing 26.03.2007
Why? What? Where? How long? 22.03.2007
My newly created map... 22.03.2007
Testing, Testing! 22.03.2007